The Somaini Foundation is based in a complex owned by the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) located at number 31 of Corso di Porta Vigentina. It is a well-preserved example of a “casa di ringhiera”, one of the typical social housing of old Milan, today rather rare. The building, which develops around a cobbled central courtyard and surrounded by galleries, overlooks Corso di Porta Vigentina and the medieval Via Cassolo.



Milano ArtWeek 2023 – Guided visits in Foundation

FRANCESCO SOMAINI. IMMAGINARE SCULTURA 2. LA PITTURA (1950-1965) Somaini dedicated himself to painting between 1950 and 1965, using various techniques, such as graffiti on wood, enamels on sheet metal recovered with a blowtorch and inks on canvas. The exhibition itinerary, included in the circuit of the events of Milan Artweek 2023 (11-15 April), explores the topic in thematic-chronological sections that analyze the seasons of updating the transalpine avant-garde, of joining the MAC-Espace and to the Informal. The comparison between the paintings, drawings and sculptures on display allows us to fully understand the artist’s creative laboratory (1926-2005). The exhibition, entitled Imagining…

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Francesco Somaini. Imagine sculpture 2. Painting (1950-1965)

From 2 March To 30 September 2023

Fondazione Somaini The exhibition presents around seventy works created in the 1950s and 1960s representative of the different creative phases and techniques used with the aim of lead the visitor into the heart of the artist’s workshop: paintings and graffiti on wood, works paintings on canvas and sheet metal fired, works usefully compared with drawings in pencil, charcoal, ink and coeval plaster sculptures, ferric conglomerate, lead, pewter, copper, iron and bronze. The exhibition itinerary explores the topic in thematic-chronological sections analyze the seasons of updating to the avant-gardes from beyond the Alps, of joining the MAC-Espace and Informal. The comparison…

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Catalogue raisonné of the sculpture Catalogue raisonné of paintings graphic chalcographic and photographic works Catalogue raisonné of works for architecture and the urban context

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