Catalogue raisonné of the sculpture

The Foundation’s first important initiative is the edition of the Catalogue Raisonné of the Sculpture, edited by Skira and curated by Enrico Crispolti, the art critic and historian who has followed Somaini’s creative career since 1956, and by Luisa Somaini.

Indeed a great undertaking of cataloguing the plastic works created by the Master in over sixty years of intense research, of ordering the descriptions of the individual sculptures within chapters covering the major moments and cycles, accompanied by the most significant critical texts and poetic writings in original language, relating to each of them. Result of a monumental and minute task of cataloguing, archiving and authentication carried out by the authors, this Catalogue is currently the most complete and advanced publication on this fundamental aspect of the artist’s work. Arranged chronologically and divided according to the different operating types found over the very broad career of the artist, this book offers a new privileged point of view to fully understand his development and the extraordinary wealth of the works that have made him famous around the world as well as the great variety of cycles that comprised his practice.

Consisting in over 700 pages, it presents a recent essay by Enrico Crispolti, a detailed critical anthology and additional historical-artistic information compiled by Luisa Somaini. These texts are also published in English.

Completely illustrated in black and white with the inclusion of many images in colour, this catalogue includes over 2,500 works made between 1936 and 2001, accompanied by entries that offer succinct information also regarding publications and exhibitions. The volume is also accompanied by a large bio-bibliographic section.

Release scheduled for 2021.

Catalogue raisonné of paintings graphic chalcographic and photographic works

Catalogue raisonné of works for architecture and the urban context

The Foundation proceeds with the cataloging activity of the Master’s work, as regards the pictorial, graphic, chalcographic, photographic work and the works carried out for the architecture and the urban context (floor mosaics, stained glass windows, competitions, works of art applied and design).

Collectors and museum institutions are requested to send the catalog form entirely completed in all its parts to this office together with publishable photographs.

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