SOMAINI E IL SACRO. Temi, progetti, realizzazioni

Su prenotazione
9.30-12.30, 14.30-18.00
Sala dei Milanesi Archivio della Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano (ingresso da Piazza Duomo, 20 – Milano, primo piano)

To complement the exhibition Francesco Somaini. At the origins of the sacred, open until 30 June 2024 at the Francesco Somaini Scultore Foundation ETS in Milan, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano hosts a day of studies to delve deeper into the dimension of the sacred and the master’s activity in the field of art religious carried out in Italy and abroad in collaboration with the architects Ico Parisi and Luigi Caccia Dominioni, using the work of mosaic artists such as the Bernasconi Brothers of Como and master glassmakers such as Lindo and Alessandro Grassi of Milan.
An area that Somaini explored with an extraordinarily modern approach, giving life to large apse crosses, mosaics and stained glass windows, innovative in style and expressing a profound spirituality, executed starting from the years close to the Second Vatican Council, for which he obtained the Motta Editore Prize for sculpture at the VIII Biennial of Sacred Art in 1968.
Organized by the Somaini Foundation together with the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and the Department of Design of the Polytechnic of Milan, the day intends to be a cultural opportunity for reflection and discussion, with the participation of teachers and scholars who have made the production in the field of Somaini religious art in pre-existing and newly constructed buildings a privileged subject of research.
During the event, some works by the sculptor will also be shown: the project for the mosaic arrangement of the parvis of the Milan Cathedral entitled The vineyard as an image of Paradise (1987), recently donated to the Veneranda Fabbrica and the Ingersoll-Rand Prize awarded to the same in 1986 for the static restoration of the pylons of the lantern of the Cathedral.

It is free entry with reservations required by February 15th by writing to: fondazione.somaini@gmail.com.
It will also be broadcast live on the Duomo Milano TV YouTube channel.