I favolosi anni Sessanta in Maremma. Nel segno di Ico Parisi

From 17 June To 3 September 2023
Polo culturale Le Clarisse, Grosseto

The exhibition, promoted and organized by the Grosseto Cultura Foundation, is included in the Terre degli Uffizi project, conceived and created by the Uffizi Galleries and the CR Firenze Foundation within the respective Uffizi Diffusi and Piccoli Grandi Musei initiatives. Curated by Lucia Mannini and Anna Mazzanti, the exhibition intends to recall, through period photographs and furnishings on loan from private collections, the architecture and environments designed by Ico Parisi (Palermo 1916-Como 1996), while through clothes borrowed from Gallerie degli Uffizi, aims to bring back to life the presences that frequented those places in Maremma in the “fabulous sixties”.

In the context of post-war research that launched the lively, sometimes mythologized, season of the Sixties, fashion, design and architecture interacted closely. Also in Maremma there were examples aligned with these trends, as evidenced by the presence of the well-known architect and designer Ico Parisi who carried out two interventions here at the beginning of the decade: the interior decoration of the Hotel Lorena in the station square in Grosseto and the Hotel La Corte dei butteri, along the Aurelia, in the locality of Osa, by the sea, with the annexed Church of Santa Maria. Here are preserved interventions by Mario Radice and Francesco Somaini, who created the Great Cross of which a preparatory drawing and a bronze sketch are exhibited in the exhibition.

Opening time

Wednesday: 11.00-14.00
Thursday-Saturday: 11.00-14.00; 17.00-20.00
Sunday: ore 17.00-20.00

Tickets and information

Full ticket: 5,00 €
Reduced ticket: 3,00 €